Why take a summer role?

Get experience

It’s a tough job market right now.  Whether you’re looking to gain youth-work related experience or just general leadership experience that employers will value, working with a Challenge team can help set you apart. Check out the Team Mentor role.

Change track

Thinking of leaving your current work for something in the charitable sector? You’ll get valuable youth and community sector experience with The Challenge.   Have a look at the Team Mentor and Project Coach roles.

Give back

You’ve found success in your field, and you’re keen to give back to society.  Bring your own experience to bear by supporting a Challenge team’s project work.  Look into the Project Coach role.

Make a difference

You are keen to find a way to make an impact in the broader world beyond work, and you are willing to invest time to do so.  Make a difference in the lives of 12 young people and in the communities they live in.   Check out the Project Coach role.

Help young people

You have some experience working with young people, and you want to build on that to make a difference in young lives.  Lead a Challenge team through a demanding residential programme.   Have a look at the Senior Mentor and Team Mentor roles.

Build community

You’re excited by the prospect of helping a neighbourhood come together in a way that it hasn’t done for 40 years, and you can help a team of 16 year olds make it happen.  Look into the Project Coach role.

Share a passion

You’re passionate about drama, enterprise, cooking, film or one of our other themes for the Team Challenge, and you want to share that passion with a team of young people.  Check out the Senior Mentor and Team Mentor roles.

Broaden perspective

You would like an experience beyond the boundaries you’ve operated in so far in your life, and working with a diverse set of teenagers sounds like a window into a great new perspective.  Have a look at the Team Mentor and Project Coach roles.

Enrich your life

You’re a bit bored with the routine of work, and you can’t help thinking there must be more out there.  Enrich your life by transforming the lives of a team of young people.  Look into the Team Mentor role.

Tackle a big challenge

You have plenty of leadership experience, and you’ve worked with young people before.  You’re looking for a new – and big – challenge.  Lead a wave of 60 participants and 20 staff through a demanding and rewarding programme.   Check out the Team Leader role.

Join a club

You would love to join a team of talented, committed and interesting people.  You’re not looking to change jobs, but connecting with like-minded people behind an exciting goal outside of work is just the ticket.  Browse all of our roles.

Earn summer money

You have some time available, and you have the skills we need for one or more important roles.  Earning some money in the summer could really help ends meet.   Look into our Team Leader and Senior Mentor roles.

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