Year round roles

The Challenge Network is growing rapidly, and we are looking for new passionate, energetic, committed teammates.

Each new area we work in requires a full-time team of three to launch, prepare and oversee The Challenge locally.

The best (and in some cases the only) way to get started is to play a role in the summer programme, so our full-time roles usually include a summer start in an existing Challenge region before moving back to your own area to prepare for a local launch.

If you love the sound of the work we’re doing; if you’re keen to join an entrepreneurial, fast-moving organisation; and if you meet the requirements for one or more of our full-time roles, then we want to hear from you when recruitment for these roles begins!

Have a look at the role summaries. To apply please email us your CV and completed application form (available to download from the role summaries page).

“At The Challenge I am surrounded by talented and interesting people and I’m able to do important things every day without having to take myself too seriously.”

Doug Fraley, Talent and Marketing Director

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