Drama Practitioner

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Location: London, West Midlands and the North West

Length of role: 36 days over eight weeks

Dates: July and August 2012

Job Description

We are looking for Drama Practitioners who will work for eight weeks during summer 2012 to support twelve teams of young people through the Team Challenge part of The Challenge programme. These are passionate individuals with previous experience of facilitating drama groups and an interest in young people who are ready for a demanding role as part of an intensive summer programme. This is a 36 day role over eight weeks from 3rd July- 28th August. Roles for London Practitioners will take place in London or the surrounding area. Transport expenses will be provided for the London Practitioners working dates in areas outside of London.

The Drama Practitioner is responsible for working, over three days, with a team of twelve young people leading sessions teaching drama to teams of twelve young people. The Practitioner then takes the team on visits to local community groups (including youth clubs and homeless centres) so that the young people can pass on their skills, culminating in a showcase performance.

This role is suitable for someone with experience of facilitating drama sessions with young people. This is a fulfilling and demanding position which involves supporting the skill development of twelve sixteen-year-olds.

About the Opportunity

The objective of the Team Challenge week is to assist the young people in gaining confidence and experience in using their skills and abilities to serve their local community. The Practitioner role will require facilitating a team of 12 young people and two mentors each week as they complete their Team Challenge.

Practitioners will guide these teams through a three day curriculum which will involve:

  • Learning and developing Drama skills as a group.
  • Visiting, listening to and learning from a community group.
  • Designing and delivering a performance based on their community experiences.
  • Presenting their weeks experiences to a larger group of young people.

Practitioners will need to be available for two days of intense curriculum training prior to beginning the eight-week assignment on 14 and 15 June.

The Drama Practitioner will:

  • Work with a different team of young people each week in delivering the Drama curriculum.
  • Motivate and encourage young people to engage with their community group.
  • Work with the teams’ Senior Mentor to support and inspire young people.
  • Attend two days of curriculum training. 

About You

Candidates must demonstrate the following skills and characteristics:


  • Previous experience of facilitation and leading drama workshops
  • Experience of working with young people.
  • A belief in the potential of young people and the ability to build a rapport with young people.
  • Energy and enthusiasm to enable young people to use their skills to learn from their community.
  • A willingness to take responsibility for delivering a challenging and safe experience for participants


  • Experience working directly with young people either in voluntary or paid capacity
  • Experience of using drama in a community environment, i.e. schools, youth groups, community groups etc.

We also look for all employees to show The Challenge characteristics.  These are:

  • Trust-building: Works hard to build trust with people. Brings people together in the community
  • Responsibility-taking: Takes responsibility for actions and attitudes. Claims and solves problems in the community
  • Understanding and Empathy: Works to understand others – their strengths, fears and needs. Ready to stand up for someone who is different.


The training for this role is on 14 and 15 June.

Work Dates

The Drama Practitioner works for 36 days over July and August.

The work dates for this role are:

3-5, 8-10, 13-15, 18-20, 23-25, 27-28, 30 July

2-4, 7-9, 12-14, 17-19, 22-24, 26-28 August

Role variations

The MAK role will end on 19th August.
The HEK role will start on 8th July and end on 19th August.

Further Details

This is an excellent opportunity to use your skills and expertise to work with a positive and vibrant team and to be involved in an exciting programme that has tangible results. Be part of a programme that creates memorable experiences for young people that could last a lifetime.

The compensation for this contract role is £3,200  with three regional locations to choose from. The MAK role will be paid £2670 for 10 waves (30 days worked) and the HEK role will be paid £2,400 for 9 waves (27 days worked).

This role is available in the following locations: London, Birmingham, Coventry & Warwickshire, Black Country, Manchester & Lancashire.

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