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Please note: Applications for this role have now closed. However, you can apply for the exciting role of The Challenge Society Mentor here.

The Challenge is looking for inspiring and responsible individuals to help a team of twelve young people deliver their project to strengthen their community.  Project Volunteers spend four Saturdays or four Sundays in September 2012 with a team of twelve young people as they deliver projects to bring their communities together.

About the Organisation

The Challenge Network is a fast-growing social enterprise that connects and inspires people across Britain to strengthen their communities. The Challenge is a civic service programme that brings together young people from different backgrounds, builds their confidence, and challenges them to make a difference in their local community. Our goal is to turn The Challenge into a national programme in which all sixteen year olds want to get involved. The Challenge is an intensive three week summer training programme followed by team projects carried out in the local community over several weekends in the autumn.

The Challenge Programme

We bring together sixteen year olds from across the country and challenge them to connect with people from different backgrounds, learn key skills for the workplace, and make a difference in their community.  They achieve this by completing three challenges:

  • The Personal Challenge: Socially mixed teams of young people bond through a week of challenging outdoor activities.
  • The Team Challenge: Teams return home and use their skills to experience serving the local community.
  • The Real Challenge: Teams work to design and organise activities that will bring the local community together.

Successful teams graduate from The Challenge and are directed into new volunteering and employment opportunities. 

About the Opportunity

The Project Volunteer works with the same team of twelve young people over four Saturdays or four Sundays during the Real Challenge Action, which takes place on 8-9, 15-16, 22-23 and 29-30 September 2012.

As a Project Volunteer, you will: 

  • Support the Challenge Mentor, who will have worked with the team of young people earlier in the summer, in overseeing      team activities in the local community.
  • Build rapport with young people and use your experiences to be an inspiring role model.
  • Support one team of twelve young people as they prepare for and deliver their project to bring together the local community through fundraising, campaigning or social action initiatives.
  • Commit to four Saturdays OR four Sundays in September. On the final Saturday or Sunday, accompany your team members to an event where they meet local organisations and help them choose one to work with over the coming six months.
  • Provide important feedback to help The Challenge develop its framework for The Real Challenge across the country.
  • Attend a free day of training in September.

About You

Volunteers must demonstrate the following skills and characteristics:


  • Belief in the potential of young people
  • Ability to build a rapport with young people.
  • Energy and enthusiasm to serve as a role model for spirited and diverse young people.
  • Willingness to take responsibility for delivering a providing a safe experience for participants.
  • The persistence and flexibility to thrive in a fluid environment.

We also look for volunteers to show The Challenge characteristics.  These are:

  • Trust-building: Works hard to build trust with people. Brings people together in the community
  • Responsibility-taking: Takes responsibility for actions and attitudes. Claims and solves problems in the community
  • Understanding and Empathy: Works to understand others – their strengths, fears and needs. Ready to stand up for someone who is different


Training takes place for the role on either 28 August or 3 September in each of three offices in London, Birmingham and Manchester. It will be from 5:30pm to 9pm. All volunteers must attend one of these trainings.

Further details

This is an excellent opportunity to work with a positive and vibrant team and to be involved in an exciting programme that has tangible results. You will get a chance to be part of a programme that creates memorable experiences for young people that could last a lifetime.

The role is demanding and fast-paced but highly rewarding for the right individuals. It allows you to deepen your leadership experience in a complex and demanding programme.

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