Georgina Programme Leader

Programme Leader, Georgina

Overall, it was an amazing experience that I am glad I was able to be a part of. The shear enjoyment of it was for me was to see the change in every person including the staff. The changes they made and the steps they took to get to the end result. The way they came out of their shells and worked with one another. They challenged themselves and did things that some people thought they could never do. I’m really glad that I applied for the role, I’m glad I took that amount of time to fill out the application form because it’s definitely paid off,  I actually get paid for doing something I really love. It has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in terms of work. I would say that you have to be very resilient, have strength of character and a sense of humour. You have to want to have lots of fun, which is the main thing, and want to care for these young people.

Sherrin Senior MentorSenior Mentor, Sherrin

As a Senior Mentor You will be working with a group of 12 young people pretty much every day for three weeks. But what you’ve got to remember is that most of the time they are quite open to the challenges that are being presented to them. Seeing the change over the three weeks is amazing and as tired as you are, you wouldn’t want to miss that. One young person, after six hours on the coach on the first day said ‘I want to go home.’ By the end of the first week, she had been a project manager, had dealt with a situation with another Challenger in our team in a very mature way. She was completely positive, opened up to reveal to us all her beautiful singing voice, and what her aspirations and dreams were. If you think that young people are worthwhile, this is definitely a way to encourage you along that route.

Tyrone Team MentorTeam Mentor, Tyrone

It’s been really enjoyable, a real roller-coaster ride of emotion. From the start, the kids really wanted to meet me. As a Team Mentor I joined my team on their second week. They were so enthusiastic and really made me feel part of the team and they even made me a welcome card. I was really chuffed about that. You really need to work hard to build these relationships. That’s what helps the most, knowing that you have the backing of your Team Leader and the other mentors. It’s not a case of you having to have years of experience working with young people because you learn as you go along. If you want to better yourself as a leader, you’re put on the spot, you have to make decisions, so it really helps to develop your skills. it Sounds like a cliché but it is a challenge for yourself as well the young people.


Summer Staff of 2010:

Ian Team LeaderTeam Leader, Ian

Before I heard about The Challenge I had been an Outdoor pursuits instructor for around 10 years. I have worked throughout the UK and mainland Europe teaching skills courses and delivering outdoor learning through adventure.When I heard about the challenge I thought it sounded like an amazing project. A chance to take adventurous outdoor learning and transfer it into the communities of young people across the UK. Being a team leader was great fun, I made some great friends and ran a programme for 60 young people. It was hard work but the benefits have been enormous.



SebSenior Mentor, Seb

I am 26. I did two waves of The Challenge over the summer – at the time I was working for an advertising agency so I used my holiday to do both programmes. Background of my experience?..hmmm..I studied journalism in Dublin and Sydney and then worked in sports reporting before coming to London and getting a job with the ad agency. During uni I worked 3 summers in residential summer camps in the US and UK (Do it 4 Real) and have been a voluntary mentor for Centrepoint since moving to London.




SiTeam Mentor, Si

Before I started working for The Challenge I had just finished a degree in outdoor adventure management. Alongside my degree, I spent a few seasons becoming a snowboarding instructor, something I’ve moved into since The Challenge. I absolutely loved working with The Challenge as it allowed me to be involved with a huge array of talented and diverse young people from different backgrounds. It was great to see so many achieve and overcome ‘challenges’ and learn new skills.

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