Summer Staff Videos

Challenge summer staff talk about their experiences!

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Members of the Staffing team talk about their favourite memories of the summer programme in 2011 when they were Senior Mentors and Team Mentors.

Programme Leader

Andy talks about his experiences as a Programme Leader in 2011.

Senior Mentor

John, a Senior Mentor, tells us what he got out of working with teams of twelve young people over the summer 2011.

Senior Mentor

Natalie, a Senior Mentor, tells us what she got on over the summer 2011.

Senior Mentor

Aysha, a Senior Mentor in the Midlands, talks about her experiences of the programme.

Logistics Officer

Agne talks about her time as a Logistics Officer with The Challenge last summer.

Skills Practitioner

Nadia shares her experience as a Video Practitioner in 2011.


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