Central Marketing Manager

Start date: September 2012


Salary: Competitive and subject to experience.

The Challenge Network (TCN) is looking to recruit a Central Marketing Manager from September 2012. The Central Marketing Manager will report into the Sales and Marketing Director. The role is based in London but will have some travel (~ 4 days per month) to Birmingham and Manchester to work with the Marketing Managers, School Coordinators and Assistant Managers.

Context for the Role

The Challenge Network is one of theUK’s fastest growing charities and the largest provider of the government’s National Citizen Service programme.  Our mission is to connect and inspire people to strengthen their communities.  In 2012, The Challenge will engage over 9,000 young people in a residential and community based programme over 2 months across Greater London, Surrey, West Midlands, Greater Manchester and Lancashire. In addition, The Challenge Society programme for all graduates of The Challenge and their friends will have the potential to reach c15,000 young people by the end of 2012. We expect further growth in these programmes of ~ 30% p.a. in 2013 & 2014. Over time additional programmes and services will be developed which further TCN’s mission and build on our strengths and networks.

The Central Marketing Manager is primarily responsible for developing and delivering the branding and marketing campaign to drive uptake of the programmes with a representative mix of young people from the areas in which we work. This includes re-branding (when and if appropriate), managing the marketing plan, and coordinating the full range of marketing tactics including those required by Marketing Managers and the Sales & Marketing School Coordinators and Assistant Marketing Managers.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Provide significant input into the overall sales and marketing strategy
  • Develop and deliver the annual marketing plan, in active collaboration with the Marketing Managers, that is aligned with the overall TCN sales and marketing strategy, and that has measurable impact
    • Include clear description of channel mix (ads vs. direct sales vs. social media plan, etc.) and indicative ROI by stakeholder segment (young people vs. parents vs. teachers, etc.)
    • Include metrics of marketing success for each channel/ segment (e.g., brand awareness, expressions of interest, uptake, overall market penetration, etc.), and active monitoring
    • Use robust market insights (and develop new insights as required) to understand the market, the segments, the target segments.
    • Based on the market insights, generate for each target segment [i] the drivers of behavior and barriers to change, and [ii] the value proposition/ key messages specific to each segment/ stakeholder goup
    • Ensure marketing is inclusive, resulting in a mix of young people, representative of local communities, across all socio-economic and demographic divides.
    • Co-ordinate the development of all marketing materials including those developed by the Marketing Managers. Ensure all materials:
      • Incorporate value proposition, key messages, etc. appropriately
      • Are consistent across the whole campaign and country
      • Build on current materials, align with NCS Programme Team, and other local/ national bodies
    • Support development and roll out of PR/ policy plan through close collaboration with internal colleagues
    • Manage the marketing budget (including coordination with the Marketing Managers’ budgets), looking for efficiencies
  • Manage agencies and other branding/ marketing partners required to deliver the marketing plan, and build strong and strategic partnerships with them.
  • Collaborative and mutually supportive relationship with Marketing Managers and Sales & Marketing School Coordinators. Actively seek input, ensure all marketing tactics have full buy-in, and ensure all materials are tested and appropriately trained out and used.  
  • Proactively share best practices with the NCS Programme Team and other relevant external stakeholders/ influencers 
  • Be an external champion for The Challenge Network and the skills, competencies, values and results it delivers


The role requires strategic planning, relationship building, resilience and as well as the ability to enable delivery of an effective marketing campaign whilst holding to our organisational mission and values.  This is a fantastic opportunity to develop and drive the brand and marketing strategy to new levels in a dynamic and supportive environment, and to contribute significantly to an exciting programme for social change.

We are looking for an exceptional individual with the following qualities:

  • Strategic planning: Setting direction, dividing up workplans, monitoring delivery and quality against targets.
  • Strong marketing competencies: Demonstrated success in taking a product from awareness through to full consumer commitment.  Ability to achieve this in a diverse marketplace, appealing to consumers of all socio-economic and demographic groups, most notably those within the 15-17 year old age bracket. Demonstrated track record of commitment to stronger communities.
  • Proven track record of ability to successfully influence a wider range of internal and external stakeholders through building highly effective relationships.
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills.
  • Combination of a creative, logical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Project management: Success in managing complex delivery of projects on time including managing significant budgets.  Experience working at a senior level in operational role.


To apply

Please email a one page document setting out why you are interested in and suited for the role, plus your CV, to Benny Goodman at [email protected] The deadline is 7 September 2012. There will be an initial and then final round of interviews over the subsequent week,


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