Central London

Have we visited your school or local youth club yet?  Here’s a bit more information about our hardworking and enthusiastic staff working in Central London:


Cardy fancies herself as an amateur tea connoisseur (i.e. she spends a lot of money at Whittards trying different varieties of tea). She had the best time of her life on Study India 2010 and would love to see more of the world. She is a meat-eater but refuses to eat duck because she thinks they are too cute.


Chris is the resident magician at The Challenge! He does all kinds of amazing and funky magic tricks and is a member of The Magic Circle. Chris also really likes watching stand-up comedy and playing music on guitar, piano and clarinet. He has just returned from performing magic on cruise ships for 3 months around Europe!


Giannina is originally from Brighton and in her spare time she enjoys keeping fit, cooking and gossiping. She also enjoys travelling when she can and spent 10 weeks volunteering  in Costa Rica and Nicaragua – which included a short stint living in the rainforest! She is one of the longest serving members of The Challenge team!


Hannah is new to The Challenge this year. She likes to travel and has spent time (and volunteered) in South Africa, Tanzania and Malawi, which she loved. In her spare time she enjoys reading, baking and yoga (though not at the same time). She loves cats and has a very cuddly one called Tigger.


Heather has worked in Malaysia, Switzerland and America (and, of course, London). She loves travelling and trying new things. She works in community theatre in her spare time, designing and painting sets for stage. She is a massive fan of good food, great conversation and big jumpers!


Jacques is best described by his Challenge team mates:                                               “He is really tall” – Heather. ”Don’t you dare quote me” – Cardy. Aside from these astute insights; outside of work Jacques is an event director (twice directing the largest student festival in Europe) and Dodgeball world championship runner up.


Javayria is a History graduate obsessed with anything African and South Asian. She lives on a diet of ketchup and Ribena (basically her two staples). She has a totally healthy, but massively geeky, map collection, collecting them from wherever she travels in the world. Outside of work Javayria loves music, loves gigs and loves museums.


Joanna hails from the lovely city of Sheffield. Growing up, she quickly realised how much she loved the idea of travelling, eventually living in Brazil and Hong Kong whilst travelling to other places such as India and Thailand. She loves reading, doing yoga and generally having a laugh with good people.


Shaun loves travelling to other countries and has worked with young people in China, Ghana and Thailand. He spends most of his free time attending gigs, playing drums and watching films. He spends most weekends complaining about the misfortune of his beloved football team, Middlesbrough FC.

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