Have we visited your school or local youth club yet?  Here’s a bit more information about our hardworking and enthusiastic staff who work in the Midlands:


Angela is originally from Belfast so she has a funny accent. She loves Indie and Alternative music and spends lots of times downloading new tunes for her iPod!  She’s into sport and loves watching and playing football. She enjoys adventure and spent 2010 travelling Asia, Australia and New Zealand!


Dean is into facts. Don’t judge him.  He enjoys all sports, and spends much of his spare time playing football for his local team.  He also plays the guitar particularly badly and has a terrible singing voice. His favourite actor and actress are Taylor Kitsch and Zooey Deschanel.


James is a geek. He loves comics, books, movies and comic book movies. He enjoys twee-core music and his favourite film is Jurassic Park. He has a plan for a number of emergencies, including Alien Invasion and Zombie Uprising. According to the people he works with, he is the office techie.


Kate is a Birmingham City University photography and communications graduate, who enjoys taking photographs of colourful and interesting things outdoors (like Butterflies)! Kate loves Harry Potter and Christmas films – she’ll watch them all year around, sometimes even more than once a day!


Leanne enjoys meeting and chatting to lots of different people through her work with The Challenge. In her spare time she loves reading, chocolate and travelling to new and exciting places. After University she lived in Costa Rica and Nicaragua working on a nature reserve, building a community centre and sleeping on top of a volcano!


Lucie is a sports fanatic and loves being outdoors, whether it be diving in the mud to catch a frisbee or having a kick about in the park. Her loud cackle can be heard through the office walls and she is always up for a laugh. Having travelled to nearly every continent in the world she would love to go say ‘Hi’ the penguins and do Antartica!


Phe loves dancing and performing arts, running her own dance school and festivals in Birmingham. Her aim is to continue to travel the world, and to be helpful. She will spend this summer touring Europe. She also loves eating loads of cheesy food. Because she comes from a big family she loves hanging out with loads of people.


Stacey loves to giggle. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, spending time with family and friends. She loves learning about different cultures and travelling, she can speak Mandarin and Cantonese and is currently learning Russian! If Stacey were turned into a Pokémon, she would be Pikachu.


Vanita joined The Challenge after having worked with Young People in Canada, India and Ireland. She speaks Punjabi, and is also fluent in sarcasm. Once, Vanita got herself stuck in the porch at her house – inadvertently locking herself between the front door and the porch door prompting Dean to come and save the day.

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