East London


Have we visited your school or local youth club yet?  Here’s a bit more information about our hardworking and enthusiastic staff who work in East London:



Adam is new to The Challenge but has been involved in youth work for a long time. He loves all live music, raves and especially enjoys cooking (and eating) seriously spicy food! He joined The Challenge because he loves empowering young people to take the lead in changing their communties for the better!


Charlotte grew up in Brussels, so is a big fan of waffles and chocolate. She often gets mistaken for her Identical twin sister Megan, who she used to run a radio show with at University. Charlotte likes to listen to music, cook roast dinners and secretly enjoys playing computer games and watching Star Wars.



Claire has spent most of her life in Luxembourg but is from a French and Australian family. She moved to Southampton to go to university, and now lives in London where she practices various martial arts, gets to see all the bands that never visited Luxembourg, and indulges her love of weird and wonderful foods.


Daniel loves playing physical sports (it’s one of his many talents) and plays American Football professionally in London. He has a passion for working with young people, and loves to rap. He wants to ask you a question. “When did you fall in love with hip-hop?”


Jack is the Northener of the East London team, having studied in Newcastle and recently moved to London from Blackpool. When not working at The Challenge, he can usually be found playing his guitar on a randoim street corner. He enjoys playing and watching all sports and loves to travel.


Pete is from Preston in Lancashire and loves theatre, the arts and folk music. He plays the Ukulele and one of his life ambitions is to also learn the accordion, mandolin and double bass in order to start a one man folk band. He’s telling you this because he knows that everyone goes mad for folk music!


Ruth is a small but energetic Swede with roots in East Africa. Before joining the Challenge team she did an MA in Politics and still enjoys a good debate. You can find her in food and vintage markets or discovering new places in London. Her passions include music, good quality chocolate and a good book!


Sara spent her childhood in Saudi Arabia, her teens in Luton and now enjoys life in London.  Fluent in Urdu and Hindi.  She worked building a school in Nepal and would love to travel the world.  She spends most of her free time watching films, eating and attending gigs.

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