North West

Have we visited your school or local youth club yet?  Here’s a bit more information about our hardworking and enthusiastic staff who work in the North West:


    Andrew is a wandering nomad who has lived in three countries across three continents over his lifetime. He presently resides in Moss Side, Manchester, and ventures out now and then for a sense of adventure. He exudes awesomeness and radiates brilliance which the office greatly benefits from.


    Emily moved to Manchester in 2009 and loved it so much that she couldn’t leave! She also loves travelling, Thai food, Coldplay (she’s not at all embarrassed), chocolate and the seaside, and when she’s not working at The Challenge she can usually be found in Starbucks.


    Frances has just moved to Manchester from Nottingham where she went to university. She has worked with young people since 2009. When not working for The Challenge she enjoys music and going to gigs, walking and urban exploring, meeting new people and travelling.


Jeni has just moved to Manchester from Newcastle! She has worked in Australia, France and South Africa and travelled to around the world! In her spare time she loves meeting new people, cooking and doing adrenaline rushing activities such as Sky Diving, Zorbing, Surfing, Scuba Diving, even diving with Great White Sharks!


Lee is new to both The Challenge and Manchester having emigrated from the North East via a brief stint in the Czech Republic. When he’s not working he is most likely making music on his laptop or on his trusty guitar. He  loves a game of football and occasionally even busts out his skateboard when he’s feeling brave enough.


Louisa has lived in Manchester for a very long time. Not because she is boring, but because it is a pretty good place to be. In her spare time she works as a dance teacher, teaching children and young people ballet to hip-hop. And after all of that, if there’s any hours left in the day, she likes to drink tea and eat cakes.


Lucy is currently doing a Masters in Museum Studies, so her spare time is usually spent looking dorky in a museum. She’s originally from Newcastle but moved to Manchester in 2006. Last year she took part in an exchange trip to Pakistan to visit community projects with the British Council and is hoping to go back there soon.


Lucy lives in Manchester and is brand new to The Challenge this year. When not working she enjoys watching soaps and chick flicks, listening to music (especially Oasis, Coldplay and Michael Buble), baking jam-roly-poly’s (and eating them) and swimming!


Lyndsey has just moved to Manchester and so spends most of her time getting lost.  When she isn’t lost she enjoys seeing her family, mountain biking, baking vegan cakes, reading and watching rubbish TV…oh and she loves working for The Challenge, especially on ultimate frisbee Wednesdays and power ballad Fridays.


When not working hard at The Challenge, Mark plays rugby union for his local team in Bolton. He also enjoys playing computer games (especially Pro Evo), watching films (preferably comedy films), and going to the gym. His ambition is to be the worlds strongest man.

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