West London

Have we visited your school or local youth club yet?  Here’s a bit more information about our hardworking and enthusiastic staff working in West London:


Abi grew up in Hong Kong but is originally from Essex. She developed the ability to read minds while studying Psychology in London. In her spare time she enjoys painting, cupcake baking, watching really bad movies, dressing up and photography. She loves having red hair and is secretly a massive fan of R2D2 from Star Wars.


Jade is a Londoner through and through! In her spare time she enjoys running Zumba fitness classes, as well as anything else that can be counted as dance related! She often can’t sit still and has to bust a move where ever she sees fit! She’s not entirely convinced, but friends often tell her that she looks like Kelly Rowland.


Kartik is an eternal optimist, having supported his beloved Tottenham Hotspur since birth (well almost) and wearing shorts and flip flops all year round. He loves mixed martial arts, Harry Potter, and being suspicously good at hula hooping. He finds talking in the third person makes him feel like The Rock.


Laura is from Essex. When she isn’t running around schools she enjoys doing odd things, like eating insects in Thailand, skydiving in Botswana and great white shark cage diving in Cape Town.  She loves Dairy Milk and her favourite meals is a big Sunday lunch.


Mastak moved to London from the North West office this year and so far isn’t missing Mark one bit. She speaks Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu but has never seen the Sound of Music all the way through. Her favourite cheese is cheddar, and her favourite type of dog is chihuahua. She often gets these two mixed up.


Michelle is from sunny Southend in Essex! When she is not at work, she loves going to gigs, especially small local ska bands and travelling abroad to see friends. She would love to live somewhere beautiful and remote but would, in all honesty, probably miss Nandos.


Sarah grew up in Copenhagen and moved to London 6 years ago. She has four older brothers so is a tomboy at heart (she has a strong obsession with Arsenal). She also has a passion for food (eating it, not cooking) and especially enjoys seafood. 10 years from now shes hopes to open her own Fish Restaurant.


Steve is originally from Tunbridge Wells but has also lived in Manchester, Dublin, Texas and last year spent a year teaching English in Paraguay.  He loves music, Latin America, politics, travelling, speaking Spanish and food (all types, though Indian is definitely his favourite)!


Sukirat is from Slough, but lived in Bristol for uni. She loves food and watching various films from around the world, including Bollywood, Hollywood and even Japanese and Chinese cinema. She has had her poetry published in the past and would describe herself as a people person who tends to talk a lot.

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