Programme information for The Challenge 2011 is available online here.

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Can I invite my friends?

Absolutely! Don’t forget though that to take part they have to be in Year 11 and live or go to school in one of the areas The Challenge is in. Read more about our entry requirements at Who can take up The Challenge?.

Why doesn’t it cost more than £50?

The Challenge is about proving yourself, not how much you can afford to pay.  That meant we wanted to make The Challenge something affordable.

Is there a deadline for applications?

There is no deadline, but applications are on a first come, first served basis.

Are all costs included?

Yes – all costs are included. You are welcome to bring some cash if you want to be able to buy chocolates etc, but you don’t need to.

How will I travel during The Challenge?

You will travel to and from the Personal Challenge by a specially hired coach.  During the Team Challenge and the Real Challenge you will travel mostly by public transport or minibus, with some journeys taken on foot or in taxi.  You will be accompanied by our staff at all times.  All travel costs incurred during The Challenge are included in the price of The Challenge. We are unable, however, to pay for travel to and from the meeting points.

Where will I stay at night?

During the Personal Challenge (week 1) you will stay at an outdoor activity centre. You will stay in a dorm room shared with three or four other young people of the same sex as you.  During the Team Challenge (week 2) you stay at a university halls of residence in/around your local community. For the Real Challenge (week 3 and the autumn weekends), you will be staying at home.

What meals are provided?

During (weeks 1 and 2), we will provide you with three meals a day. You will get food to make your own breakfast and a packed lunch, and then to make a hot dinner in the evening.  During the Real Challenge (week 3) , we provide lunch.  For all meals, we can provide halal, kosher, vegetarian, vegan or allergy alternatives if you let us know in advance.

What option will I do during the Team Challenge?

During the Team Challenge, you will learn one of five skills: drama, enterprise, media, photography or sport.  You will be asked when you apply to tell us your top three choices in order. We will try to give you one of your top two choices and, where possible, your first choice.

How long is The Challenge in total?

After the three week programme during the summer holidays, there are four weekend days in the autumn. Finally, those who complete The Challenge attend a graduation ceremony in October.

For the exact dates of The Challenge in 2012 click here.

Can this count towards my Duke of Edinburgh Award?

Yes. The Challenge is an approved activity provider for gold D of E’s Residential and Volunteering sections, and silver’s Volunteering section. If you are doing your silver or gold D of E and would like your Challenge activities to count towards it, please let us know.

What do I have to bring?

We will send everyone accepted onto the programme an information pack containing packing lists for the different parts of The Challenge. We provide all of the specialist equipment and clothing, so you do not have to supply any of this.

Do you insure personal belongings?

All costs are covered on the programme, but we are not able to insure personal belongings.  For this reason, we recommend that you do not bring very expensive pieces of equipment or unnecessary valuables.

Is there a code of conduct for participants?

The Challenge is all about challenging and pushing yourself.  To make this happen safely we have a code of conduct which we expect everyone to follow:

Follow safety rules and the law

Only leave the site with a Mentor

No going in other people’s rooms or flats

Be in your room after 10.45pm

No alcohol, illegal drugs or penknives

Respect and include other people

Challenge yourself  (in other words, take part)

If you seriously or persistently break this code of conduct, then we will have to ask you to leave The Challenge. In this eventuality, you would have to return home.

Who is behind The Challenge?

The Challenge is delivered by The Challenge Network, which is a registered charity. It operates with the support of local councils and local schools. Read more about us, and see a list of our partners.

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