The Team Challenge

Take on a challenge in the real world

Spend the second part taking on a challenge in the real world. Want to work with a Premier League Football Team? Fancy the chance to write and perform a play? Ever thought about starting your own business? Well, now’s the time to do it. We’ll give you five days, provide the training and then it’s up to you.

Gain management skills as you face The Team Challenge. No team will be able to complete their Challenge without being able to manage their time and manage their members

You and your team live at a University and take on a project with a difference. Which of your passions will you choose from? Enterprise, Media, Photography, Drama or Sport?

Sport. Could you learn how to be a sports coach and run your own coaching sessions?

Drama. Could you write, prepare and perform a show using your own talents and ideas?

Photography. Could you use your creative and practical talents to create something visually stunning to amaze everyone?

Media. Could you make a short film for the big screen, or show you have what it takes to document local news?

Enterprise. Could you come up with an idea, design and produce it and create a business in just one week?

Show the end results at The Showcase, when your family and friends can come and see what your teamwork and leadership have accomplished.

See what The Real Challenge is all about

“The mentors were great.  They helped us work together and pushed us to do more than we thought we could.”

2009 Challenge participant, London 

“Awesome opportunity.  I’ve made a bunch of great friends.”

2010 Challenge participant, Birmingham 

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