The Real Challenge

You design the Challenge … then make it happen

Now you take over!  It’s your turn to design the Challenge. Can you think bigger than us and come up with something your team can do that everyone in your neighbourhood will be talking about?  This is your chance to make your mark in the local area.

Decide what you’ll do, plan how you’ll do it and then pitch your idea to our expert panel of judges. Learn to communicate as you’re going to need to persuade others and present your ideas. You’ll get all the training and you just might not recognise yourself by the end.

Real Challenge Action

Your team then has four weekend days in September to make it happen, and you’ll need to use all the skills and experience you’ve gained to convert ideas into action.

Graduation and Beyond

Time to celebrate.

In the autumn, you receive your certificate from a prominent leader in a ceremony at a prestigious venue and will be invited to join The Challenge Society.

 We’ll invite you to exclusive events, offer you the chance to continue working with charitable and professional organisations near you and provide you with some fantastic benefits. Click here to Learn more.

Still need convincing?

“I learned that you can set yourself to do something, and do it.”

2009 Challenge participant, London         






“You learn not to underestimate people. Some people are good at physical challenges, others at something else, but when we come together as a group we join our talents and form a strong team.”






    2009 Challenge participant, London

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